Tools for Online Businesses

Successful business owners know that quality tools are a key to success. In the span of my career I’ve worked with a wide variety of tools from email marketing, automation, landing pages, project management and more.

Over the years a chosen few have stood out and become the platforms I personally have come to love and trust.

Below you will find not just the tools I suggest, but the tools I use in my own business. 

I am a proud affiliate for some of these tools. Affiliate links are used below but are also clearly labeled. What this means is that if you click the associated link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission earned comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that my recommendations are based on deep experience with and knowledge of these companies. I recommend them to online entrepreneurs like you because they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I may receive. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Project Management

Notion is the central hub of my business. With Notions flexibility and ease of use I’ve been able to ditch a system of taped together google docs for my meetings notes, high level project planning, and more.

The one area I wish Notion was better with is task management, but it outshines in all other areas.

G Suite is my go to solution for file management. You can easily access it and manage files form anywhere, it’s offline sync works very well, and it works with just about any service. It’s document control system makes it especially easy to know who changed what, when, and if needed to recover back to a previous version in just a few clicks.

Check Out GSuite

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Collaboration Tools

Slack is a tool that has helped my company (and many that I consult for) cut down on email, unnecessary meetings, and overall meeting time.

It’s more than a messaging system, it’s a communication hub that makes it easier to handle problems in real time and is a searchable resource for when you forget something.

G Suite is easily one of the most affordable and powerful suite of tools for businesses. With G Suite we can easily manage our calendars, documents, and well… pretty much everything on any device.

It works in real time, integrates with nearly any other services, and is easy to start using with little setup.

Check Out GSuite

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I spent years using different video conferencing services and was always left wanting a little more, until I started using Zoom.

With Zoom we can do more than video conferencing. We can handle technical support, create internal training’s, and collaborate using it’s whiteboard, and more.

Marketing Tools

Active Campaign is a robust but easy to use CRM that allows us to manage contacts, automate marketing, and build stronger relationships with our customers.

The best part of Active Campaign is that it can be as simple or complex as you need it to be in any given situation.

Check Out Active Campaign

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With the Zoom webinars add-on I get all the power of Zoom meetings in the form of a webinar service.

I use Zoom webinars for mastermind meetings, Growth Academy events, and really… anything promotional for my business. It’s easier to use than Go-To Webinar and I can easily record and leverage my webinars for later use.

With Click Funnels drag and drop page builder I can create landing and sales pages more quickly without needing to write any code.

It has split testing, an easy interface, and built in hosting that allows me to deploy easily without affecting my website, but still looking professional. It even automatically optimizes my pages for mobile.

Finance & Legal

Termly helps me keep my website, landing pages, and training portals legally compliant.

I can easily create and update my disclaimers, privacy policies, and cookies policy. With a few clicks Termly takes care of the legal language and pushes to my website automatically.

Stripe is a payment processor built for online businesses. It offers integrations that are plug and play or fully customizable based on your individuals needs as a business.

The best part? You only pay when you actually make money.

There are no monthly fees and it’s quick and easy to qualify.

Quickbooks is a must for any business to manage their expenses and invoicing. Going beyond balancing the books, I also use Quickbooks to process invoices and payments for one-on-one clients.

With Quickbooks Online I can set up reoccurring invoices and get paid quickly.

Website Resources

WordPress for years has been my go-to framework for websites. It offers the right balance of ease of use and ability to customize to your hearts desire (so long as you have the technical know how, or budget).

With an endless supply of plugin’s and integrations you can build any type of website you desire.

WP Engine not only hosts my WordPress websites, but it keeps things more secure, running quickly, and most important… took away all the technical headaches and troubleshooting budget hosting provides forced me to go through.

Their support staff is always available and responsive.

Check Out WP Engine

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Kajabi allows me to easily deploy fully functional membership sites with just a few clicks.

It’s the platform I use for Growth Academy (PRO and CORE).

It’s secure, easy to use, and takes away all the technical headaches of figuring out video hosting, account management, and more.

Check Out Kajabi

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Data & Analytics

Google Analytics helps to inform me of what content is or is not working, why, and on which platforms.

I can easily see how long visitors stay, which pages they browse in what times, and even get real time data during launches to see what I need to change right away, isntead of weeks from now.

VidIQ helps me plan better video content for YouTube.

It helps me research titles, keywords, and my overall YouTube Channel health. Thanks to VidIQ I understand how competitive a video title is, how often it’s searched, and provides a solid framework for maximizing my YouTube videos at a glance.

Check Out Vid IQ

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Facebook insights does more than give me more data on how people are using my website, it helps me create highly targeted advertising based on my visitors behavior.

With Facebook as an analytic tool, I can meet my visitors where they are at in my marketing to build a better relationship over time.

Active Campaign gives me data on everything from who opens my emails, visits my website (and through what channel) as well as customer behavior.

This helps me figure out where I need to improve my customers experience and how I can market more effectievly.

Check Out Active Campaign

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